Published: Mon, May 16, 2016
Culture | By Ray Hoffman

Celebrities & Online Culture

Celebrities & Online Culture

The internet has seriously changed celebrity culture as we know it and it has added an entirely new dimension. In fact, these days, celebs aren't just adding to their fame with the internet - some are even becoming famous because of the internet. If it weren't for our digital age, for example, perhaps huge names like Justin Bieber would mean nothing to us. He first gained attention thanks to YouTube and, whilst he's arguably done the best, there are plenty of people - from bands to models to bloggers and vloggers - who've changed the face of what it means to be famous thanks to websites.

Celebrity Endorsements

Savvy celebs have realised that it's as much about the branding of your "full package" as it is about your talent. Associating yourself with cool things straight off the bat gives you seriously good street cred!

Perhaps the best example of this is the Kardashians and the Jenners. From the way they rock Balmain at major events around the world to the way Kylie has become synonymous with her lips (to the point her lip kits and other cosmetics sell out in minutes), they're not just celebrities, they're entrepreneurs.

"Kylie Jenner" (CC BY 2.0) by  JeepersMedia 

Online Gaming & Celebs

Their friend, Paris Hilton, is also in on the action. As a modern socialite, she knows she's not only selling herself or the way she looks, she's selling a lifestyle. Vegas is perhaps the best example of a lifestyle to aspire to, thanks to the glitz and glam... and the gamble! If you want to live the celebrity dream, getting a buzz at the slots and on other casino games is a pretty good starting point. Paris is an ambassador at bgo (and the Vegas element is obvious over at People are actively involved in online gaming these days, thanks to its instantaneous buzz. But the lifestyle is even more appealing. Game names like 'Golden Goddess' really cement the notion of that luxurious living, and if that's not quite got you convinced, perhaps a £1,500 welcome package on your first four deposits will. Nice! There are so many games to choose from, from the traditional slots you'd get lost in over in Vegas itself, or even scratch cards online. Testimonials over at Comfy Bingo suggest that people are gaming as a way to escape the pressure of real life and relax - and isn't that what celebrity culture itself relies on, too? It's true, almost everyone wants to be a celebrity. That's why it makes sense that Foxy Bingo are using reality stars from The Only Way Is Essex to promote their brand. People want an escape, but they also want to know that they could be famous as well.

"Paris Hilton" (CC BY-SA 2.0) by  Eva Rinaldi Celebrity and Live Music Photographer 

The Immediacy Of Social Media

If a celebrity did something worth talking about 15 years ago, you would have had to wait for the gossip mags to tell you all about it the following week. If it was a major deal, perhaps the entertainment news would have given you a rundown of the events that evening. These days, everything is out there in an instant, which can seriously work to their advantage (and admittedly their detriment). 

Keeping relevant is essentially far easier when you can control the way the public sees you by sharing the best images and info about your life. You can craft a persona and a life as you want people to see it; whether you're releasing new music on SoundCloud or posting your fitness activities on Instagram. It's all perfect for your strategy as a modern celebrity, and puts more power back into your hands.

Whether you're using the internet to promote your lifestyle (in the case of Paris and bgo casino) or you're simply putting out a persona to market your own products or talents, there's so much scope for online fame thanks to the internet!



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