Published: Sun, June 12, 2016
Technology | By Timothy Carter

Apple releases iTunes 12.4 update

Apple releases iTunes 12.4 update

One of those users is James Pinkstone, who received personal attention from Apple engineers over the weekend related to his music deletion problem, we understand.

In it, he laid out how 122 GB of music vanished from his library after signing up for subscription service Apple Music.

Apple's two-man team spent a couple days working with Mr. Pinkstone and his Mac in hopes of replicating the bug. Today, Pinkstone wrote a blog post detailing how two Apple engineers named Tom and Ezra visited his home to try to recreate the problem.

"We have not been able to reproduce this issue; however, we're releasing an update to iTunes early next week which includes additional safeguards". While some of the deleted music could easily be played on Apple Music, some of it was Pinkstone's own work, which he said was uploaded to Apple Music's database.

"The problem wasn't cut-and-dry, therefore has proven hard to replicate", Pinkstone explains.

According to Apple, the iTunes 12.4 update simplifies some of the complex navigational aspects, and makes the service more user friendly than ever before.

However, this update is notable as probably being the last major non-security update for its newest desktop operating system before 10.12's expected release around the summer.



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