Published: Tue, June 14, 2016
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When will iPhone 7 come out?

When will iPhone 7 come out?

Speculation swirled late last week that Apple is plotting to ditch its Space Gray iPhone color for deep blue (undoubtedly with some grabby qualifier attached). This device will reportedly allow users to transfer data and charge up the device at the same is unlikely that the iPhone 7 will be built with this feature and it will be exclusive to the Plus model only.

Apple must be very frustrated with the iPhone 7 as it couldn't keep all the leaks and news reports from circulating on the web.

According to reports, the new iPhone 7 Plus will also see an upgrade in the camera as the new device is expected to feature a new dual-lens camera, supplied by LG Innotek. That means the asking price for the next Apple smartphone should start at around £500-550 while the Plus variety should cost between £600 and £650.

With that will come another phone at the end of this year that could look a lot like the existing iPhone 6 and 6s. The change will open up new ways for Siri to help iPhone owners get things done more quickly.

Taken to its extreme, it seems the only nation in the world that could even come close to making an iPhone from the ground up, using only local resources, is China.

Different Apple accessory retailers who produce iPhone 7 cases have approached the publications Forbes and MacRumors. If true, that strengthens rumours of two iPhone 7 models being released this September: a standard iPhone 7 and a more powerful, feature-laden iPhone 7 Pro. It doesn't make any sense to bundle same camera specs in both low-end and high-end versions.

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The Galaxy Note 7 will have a larger screen than current Note. The iPhone 6s phones have not sold well and have returned lesser sales figures than the iPhone 6 phones. As for the processor?

The iPhone 6s is more water-resistant than we thought, but the iPhone 7 should be totally waterproof.

If Apple were also to bring component manufacturing to the U.S., it would add another $30 to $40 to Apple's costs, according to Dedrick, and the final price of the phone would rise at most by $100.

Several rumours have pointed to the Apple using an OLED screen, but it probably won't happen. The company is now expected to bring out a change in the way the Apple pricing is perceived to be in the markets, as they get ready to finally introduce an iPhone 5s price cut.

The release, which was previously planned is now likely to be in a lingering phase, because of the potential differences in the new mobile's design. In the previous iPhones, it has been seen that the antenna bands appear on the back side of the devices. While it's not 100% confirmed at this point in time whether or not Apple will make this move, but Martin Hajek spared no moment in imagining the rumored color option on top of his already wonderful iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 PRO concept.

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