Published: Thu, June 23, 2016
World | By Carl Welch

The state of gambler inside the casino

The state of gambler inside the casino

Researchers call the state in which the gambler is immersed, the psychological regression, falling into childhood with a simultaneous awareness of "adulthood" in their actions. Such contradictory coexistence is possible only in case of partial change of consciousness, similar to self-hypnosis during your stay in the online casinos

Any uncontrollable external interference destroys immersion of the gambler in this state. The attributes of the real world in the live casino  (other people, pacing around the room, exchanging information, emotions, phone calls, recalls the obligation, recreational activities, etc.) will penetrate the consciousness of the player, and will not let it be forgotten, call the irritation at these interventions.

Conversely, changes in the state of the gambler in the "correct" side of the game contribute to the special rhythm of the game, which is easier to maintain in an intimate setting, when a player one on one with the game. It was experimentally proved that the shorter the interval between the rate and the result, the stronger reinforcement with luck and less sense of loss if the casino won, which increases the temptation of the new rates. It is the law that after pressing the button until you see the result 4 seconds must pass, and not, say, 3 - extra seconds gives the player a chance to analyze the game and it is easier to give up its continuation...

Now, many experts are inclined to believe that the main aspect of the casino will be, after all, social interaction between visitors. Every year a number of gamblers are joined by more and more young people. And for them, as opposed to the older generation an important role plays communication. For example, O'Connor, an expert in casino design, says: "Gambling halls are the revitalization of the islands. After all, they are the center of social activity and interaction, which has particular value to people". No wonder, that casinos are still so popular.


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