Published: Wed, December 07, 2016
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The latest prediction for the AFC South

The latest prediction for the AFC South

If you are a real fan of the NFL or prefer to make winning NFL betting odds on sites like MyBookie, we have something that might be really interesting for you.

American Football Conference South

- What to expect from Buffalo Bills? Tyrod Taylor probably will not finish his dream for the 300-yard game. During the last 26 starts, this Buffalo QB, who accordingly to Wikipedia has a 92 million dollars contract on the next six years with this team, was not able to come closer to his much awaited goal. He plays good, and without single problem during the game, and without any big outstanding victories as well. Last game in Oakland was not extraordinary for him. Taylor has done only half of the 191 yards’ passes.

- Now we can go to our promising Miami Dolphins. Experts believe that with the Suh’s come back by the Pro Bowl period, there will be much more chances to win. Ndamukong Sug, the DT of Dolphins last season was not the Pro Bowler, still is the second in his team in sacks, and the third in tackles. You probably have already noticed that Dolphins were lucky this year.

- Patriots, New England. They are ready to prove that they went to another level since the last year season. Patriots have the best advantage for the playoffs, and it is their own home-field. 

Are you disappointed? Have you expected our straight response of who will win and who will lose? It will be impossible, as we still don’t have the time machine. Well, don’t get upset. Think about the last season when Patriots achieved Belichick’s ambitious plan, which included 5 times of throwing, and also 21 times running. And when they have lost the native field advantage, their game became not so fascinating and very predictable. Just remember their loss in Denver.

- The Jets, New York. Famous Bryce Petty will not go well for the last 4 games as a starter of Jets. They all expect Fitzpatrick in a season finale, and Petty will go to the Bills.

Predictions were made by the famous NFL reporters, including Mike Rodak, James Walker, Mike Reiss, and Rich Cimini.

If you are going to make some predictions of your own, we encourage you to share them with us. For the winning bets, you will have to carefully follow the last interviews of the NFL players, coaches, and the whole atmosphere in the team before the next game.


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