Published: Wed, February 15, 2017
Technology | By Timothy Carter

Apple Shows Off Sneak Peek of Original Series 'Planet of the Apps'

Apple Shows Off Sneak Peek of Original Series 'Planet of the Apps'

Planet of the Apps is Apple's upcoming reality series that is essentially an American Idol-style contest for app developers, and Carpool Karaoke is a spin-off of the popular segment of the same name from James Corden's Late Late Show.

The two shows sound interesting and entertaining, but they hint to the fact that Apple Music will be expanded to offer Netflix-like content with original series, rather than remaining a service exclusively for streaming music. Mac and iOS devices as part of Apple Music, the company's subscription music offering. "It's one of the differentiating factors that we can add", said Cue. He said they chose to work with Apple because of "what they could do to help us co-produce and help us amplify the legitimacy". However, the production company involved in this shoot has made some changes and hence, what we have is a show in escalator pitching format. "I think there are more ideas like that that we have, so we hope to continue doing more - and we'll see". Whether that means more exclusives in the Drake or Chance the Rapper vein remains to be seen, but Cue then explained Apple's strategy regarding the controversial tactic.

"We're not taking the traditional route". It's not just going off the shelf and buying shows. Entrepreneurs stand before four judges -, Gary Vaynerchuk, Gwyneth Paltrow and Jessica Alba, whom Apple calls "four of the world's most culturally influential entrepreneurs" - and they have to pitch their ideas for apps. They also get advice from special guests from companies like Yelp and Uber, which is having a great moment now.

Cue said Apple was working on methods to reduce "fake news" dissemination so that readers of Apple News will only show news providers which are "legitimate". "You can't do American Idol without Sony BMG giving the recording contract". According to Silverman, Apple will release a specific Planet of the Apps application, which will also allow users to access the episodes as they're released.

Cue didn't specifically say what else Apple might have planned.

It will have a linear component as you typically watch, but, as Ben said, there are a lot of things we shoot that don't end up on air in a linear format.

"This is new for us".

Tim Cook has said that he will "filter" news in a way that avoids "losing the great openness of the internet".

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