Published: Wed, February 15, 2017
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Who Gets Eliminated Tonight on 'The Bachelor'?

Who Gets Eliminated Tonight on 'The Bachelor'?

He was scared that he wouldn't end up finding love on the show. But don't worry, he feels God in this Chili's tonight - he's sticking around. Well, if that was the end of that conversation, Harrison definitely doesn't have a career as a therapist. So that's cool. Nick decides to cancel everything and whisk them away to the island of Bimini (spelled like bikini but not pronounced like it at all). He said that cast of the show can be unfairly judged by the viewers as they are not being filmed 24/7. Nick chose to stay! What will happen then, Chris Harrison? However, the date is.well, let's put it this way.

This chick we can't help but love to hate made a name for herself, so major props to her in that department.

She continued: 'A lot of people are surprised that she's still around'. Following their short talk, they kissed and enjoyed the ride. They talk about hometown dates and Vanessa admits that she is falling in love with Nick. The next day, Nick invited Danielle Maltby on a one-on-one date. That would make great television, but it's not likely. Setting his sights on next week's hometown dates, Nick decided he didn't see a future with Danielle and sent the nurse back to Nashville. "'Let's jump in with both feet first", the group date card read.

Coming up next: After sending Kristina home, Nick is down to four women, the typical number of hometown dates. Corrine is upset that she doesn't have the one on one, so she plans on getting the most attention. She and Nick spend some time at the beach for a romantic date afterward.

"The Bachelor" season 21 is nearly down to its final four roses, and for over a month of dating, the installment has already determined its "season villain". I make a mental note to move to Canada where life's biggest terrors are not knowing how a guy feels about you for a day. She spoke to Nick about what her family is like and how her "daddy" was diagnosed with lung cancer.

"I'm going to go remind him of the spark that we have, and try and turn that spark into a fire", Corinne says lightly, before her face turns scarily grim and she says, "I'm going to blow that room up".

One on one time, Corrine whines, Raven gets the rose and special one on one time with Nick. He seemed like he was putting on an act when he eliminated Kristina Schulman this week. Though it seems whether or not she gets a hometown date is a whole other question - and one that won't be answered until next week. "I want to get all the way there". They stopped for some local snacks and souvenirs.

YEP, she had no problem taking out that whipped cream in order to keep things spicy and flashing her naked boobs while posing with Nick during their photo shoot in the pool. He made a decision to tell her goodbye. He threw in a, "You're great", for good measure, to which Danielle sadly replied, "Not great enough".

Nick comes back and the girls hug him. Nick welcomed her in an offered her some champagne. She went home anxious that her time may be coming to an end. So they started giving each other massages. He then halted the blonde vixen, saying, "I don't think this is a good idea... very tempting, but I have learned it's best to wait in these instances". She was so embarrassed he turned her down. But, she should probably just chill. It was kind of weird.

After his date with Rachel, Nick knew what he had to do.

She cries as if this is truly devastating. He proposes they cancel the night's scheduled rose ceremony and leave St. Thomas for Bimini instead, swapping out a villa on one attractive tropical island for another villa on another handsome tropical island. Apparently she had a mini date, and doesn't get the second half with dinner. Nick tells the ladies they're going swimming with sharks. Sitting her down on the porch, Nick's break up speech was sloppy and teary. She claimed he hadn't given her a fair shake.

The drama heats up on Week 7 of The Bachelorette when two of Nick Viall's frontrunners get into a nasty fight in the Bahamas. He told her she deserved more.

They spend the afternoon on a huge yacht and I'm anxious that Vanessa's boat expectations have been set unrealistically high for the future.

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