Published: Thu, February 16, 2017
Science | By Boyd Webster

46% of Couples Are Netflix Cheating With These 7 Shows, Study Reveals

46% of Couples Are Netflix Cheating With These 7 Shows, Study Reveals

This week, Netflix released a study centered around Netflix Cheating, or, watching ahead on a show alone that you've tacitly agreed to watch with a partner.

The idea of "TV cheating" has probably been around since the dawn of the weekly television series, but it's been exacerbated by Netflix's enticement to binge-watch.

Are you one of those who cheats on your significant other with Netflix?

Netflix says a survey found that 48 percent of streaming couples "cheat". We think Netflix is as great as anyone, but with 364 other days of the year for Netflix and chilling, you might prefer to play it safe on this one.

Do you know where your spouse is right now?

Yesterday, Netflix dropped a dramatic, doom-filled press release: "Netflix Cheating is on the Rise Globally and Shows No Signs of Stopping". Surprisingly, 39 percent streaming couples in India even said watching 2-3 episodes ahead would be a reason for a breakup. It seems that clicking on to the next episode is just too hard to resist.

The phenomenon is most prominent in Brazil and Mexico, where 57 to 58 percent of couples admitted to cheating.

There are many different kinds of cheaters, from serial cheaters to those who watch shows while their partner is out of town. You can see even more of the data in the infographic below. Suddenly you've been Netflix unfaithful. Typically, male Netflix cheaters have their own Netflix account and are most likely to cheat when their partner is out of the house. Or do you forgive and try to forget, because your partner knowing what happens to Titus and Mikey before you isn't a crime, it's just annoying?

Are you sure they haven't already watched what you're supposed to be watching together?...

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