Published: Thu, February 16, 2017
Technology | By Timothy Carter

7 reasons why Facebook will autoplay sound despite complaints

7 reasons why Facebook will autoplay sound despite complaints

In addition to a Facebook video app for Apple TV and Amazon Fire TV and a picture-in-picture feature, now when you're scrolling through your feed, unless your phone is on mute, videos will automatically play with sound.

Aside from the imminent arrival of Facebook's new TV app, the company also announced a few changes related to how videos will behave on the site.

"I've said before that I see video as a mega-trend on the same order as mobile", Facebook chief Mark Zuckerberg told investors and analysts during the firm's earnings conference call on February 1.

Now, those one-year agreements are coming up, and the company says it hopes to transition those publishers to a revenue sharing model instead of just paying them outright to make live videos. Viewers can also catch up on videos they have saved to watch later, as well as revisit videos they have already watched, shared or uploaded.

In addition, the company announced that, on the social network, video will automatically play with sound on if a person's device is not in silent mode. Refusing to heed scepticism from users, the feature is being pitched as a "richer, more engaging" approach to video.

"After testing sound on News Feed and hearing positive feedback, we're slowly bringing it to more people".

This also poses the possibility of Facebook's app being more involved in music streaming, however that still remains unclear. Features are similar to what you've come to expect from other video apps. It's controlled by a new "Videos in News Feed Start With Sound" toggle in the Settings menu. For the latter option, the video will simply minimize in the corner of the screen so users can keep watching it even as they scroll to see other posts.

Hopefully that won't change with Facebook's new settings default.

In its new update, vertical Facebook videos will look better with a larger preview in News Feed on mobile devices. The new features are rolling out now to Facebook's mobile apps on iOS and Android.

More importantly, videos will now continue playing in a thumbnail at the bottom of the screen - like it does on YouTube's mobile app - so users can keep scrolling through their newsfeed.

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