Published: Fri, February 17, 2017
Science | By Boyd Webster

Lamborghini Aventador recalled for engine fire risk

Lamborghini Aventador recalled for engine fire risk

As reported by Bloomberg, Lamborghini is recalling every Veneno ever sold-all 12 of them-over a fuel system fault that could result in fire. The luxury super vehicle that is sold at a price of $4 million is being officially recalled and the owners of these super cars were notified about the step too. The recall includes three Venenos hardtops plus nine Veneno Roadsters, which cost roughly $4 million and $4.5 million, respectively.

Lamborghini issued a recall covering 1,453 examples of the 2012-2017 Aventador. Further analysis revealed that there is a correlation between the said failures and carbon canister saturation. By January 2016, Lamborghini said it finished tests that showed a correlation between the canister, overfilled gas tanks, and malfunctioning purge valves. But owners of certain ultra-rare Lamborghinis are facing such a problem.

In a statement, Lamborghini said faults in the Aventador's evaporative emissions control system could cause fuel vapours to not be treated properly. If purge valves are reached by fuel this could affect the functionality of the fuel EVAP system. The report states that the problem is exacerbated by "over-revving the engine at idle", and compounded by use of aftermarket exhaust systems, making this a particularly ironic risk profile for Aventador owners. This will help in preventing the fuel tank from becoming overfilled. Moreover, they will be instructed to take their cars to a Lamborghini dealership which will inspect the vehicle and make the necessary fix. The EVAP system will then be upgraded free of charge. Lamborghini said that all Veneno supercar owners in the US were properly notified about the recall.

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