Published: Fri, February 17, 2017
World | By Carl Welch

Monopoly ditches classic game piece

Monopoly ditches classic game piece

The thimble's fate is the result of an online vote Monopoly parent Hasbro held last month at, marking the first time in Monopoly's 82-year history that Hasbro crowdsourced the future of the game.

The announcement of the thimble's retirement came on Today, where Al Roker and co. were disappointed to see it go.

The thimble was originally added to the Monopoly lineup in 1935 as a familiar symbol of everyday life in America.

Voting ran from January 10 to January 31, and participants could pick their eight favorite pieces from a total of 64: 56 new ones along with all the originals.

By popular vote, the thimble will be replaced with a new game piece in the next printing of the game, which will be released in August of this year.

Kathy Merlock Jackson, a professor of communication at Virginia Wesleyan College, said it's common for makers of popular games to update their pieces to create conversation.

Hasbro has not divulged what the new player token for Monopoly will be, though they intend to unveil all eight tokens on March 19th, a date they refer to as World Monopoly Day.

It lost out to pieces such as the Scottie dog, the vehicle and the hat in a worldwide public vote over which tokens to save.

More than 50 tokens are vying for a spot in the game this summer. Some of the available choices were a T-Rex, rubber duck, and an emoji.

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