Published: Sat, February 25, 2017
USA | By Angel Wallace

Passengers kicked off United Airlines flight after asking fellow travelers about bombs

Passengers kicked off United Airlines flight after asking fellow travelers about bombs

Seat belts saved the other passengers while one Flight Attendant clung to a seat leg and another held tight to the upper deck steps.

"Happy flight home - hope you stay there", he said to passengers who were filming him on their phones as he gathered his bags, while the woman he was with flipped them the middle finger.

The couple, dressed in traditional Pakistani clothing, didn't hear the initial question.

The unidentified flier en route from Chicago to Texas was removed Saturday evening for "making other customers feel uncomfortable" and disobeying crew members' instructions, airline spokesman Jonathan Guerin told the Daily News. All of it was captured on video by a passenger seated behind the man.

Debris ripped through the cabin and Flight Attendants prepared for an emergency evacuation.

"The person ahead us turned around and asked where my boyfriend was from; my boyfriend said it's none of your business", she said.

"At that point he said all illegals and all foreigners and need to leave the country".

"Hey, I'll be back, but you'll be gone", the man replied as he left the plane.

"Racist aren't welcome in America", the passenger, who filmed the man, told him.

Evacuation was carried out and all remaining passengers and Flight Attendants exited the plane in less than 45 seconds. What is shown on the video is the man being asked to repeat the words he allegedly said prior to the video's beginning - and ultimately being kicked off the United Airlines flight as other United Airlines passengers cheered and a woman yelled, "Goodbye racist!"

While the man was collecting his belongings after being kicked off the flight, a woman can be heard yelling "Racists aren't welcome in America".

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