Published: Sat, February 25, 2017
USA | By Angel Wallace

Woman's Facebook warning of shirt on auto windshield goes viral

Woman's Facebook warning of shirt on auto windshield goes viral

She had gotten into her vehicle after working a late shift at a mall in Flint, Michigan, when she noticed the flannel clothing, which was wrapped around the windshield wiper.

"I probably wouldn't approach the vehicle", said Sanders.

She said she got right in her vehicle and drove away to somewhere where she could safely remove it.

Instead, after trying but failing to remove the shirt with her windscreen wipers, Ashley chose to drive off to a safer place where she felt comfortable getting out of her vehicle to remove it.

But according to her Facebook post - what she saw next - made her instantly suspicious and fearful for her safety.

Locally, law enforcement wants to ensure that nothing like this happens in the Desert Southwest. It turns out, her instincts were right.

In October, a woman on Jacksonville's Westside reported she was sexually assaulted and robbed after her attacker placed a garbage can behind her vehicle.

Hardacre told CBS News that her mother had warned her of people trying to trick women into leaving their cars in the dark, and said, "A lot of people think it is fake or it won't happen to them". Hardacre drove to a safe location before removing the shirt. People in states all over the country have tagged loved ones warning them to be cautious of objects on their windshields.

I'm so glad my parents had informed me that it was happening in our area, I just never thought it would potentially happen to my auto. She said police are reviewing security footage. "It's kind of unknown as to what or why or who [did this]", Flint Township Police Detective Sergeant Brad Wangler told CBS. She later notified mall security of the incident and they now escort the young woman to her auto when she's working late night shifts.

From now on, when Hardacre works until closing time she said she'll ask mall security or the Flint police officer on duty to escort her to her vehicle - just to be safe.

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