Published: Wed, March 01, 2017
Technology | By Timothy Carter

Duke Nukem sticks out like a sore thumb in this Bulletstorm

Duke Nukem sticks out like a sore thumb in this Bulletstorm

Granted, some older gamers might question the necessity of this trailer, since the Full Clip Edition is an HD remaster of the original 2011 game, but newcomers still need to understand what this game is about.

Bulletstorm: Full Clip Edition, the remaster of the Xbox 360/PS3 shooter Bulletstorm, is nearly here0 and ahead of its release, Gearbox have shared a brand new trailer for the game, that showcases the game's (ridiculous and over the top) story, as well as its (equally ridiculous and over the top) gameplay, in glorious, full 4K. It also comes with the previously-released DLC along with brand-new content made just for the remaster.

The Bulletstorm: Full Clip Edition has been updated with high resolution textures, an increased polygon count and much smoother framerates.

In Bulletstorm: Full Clip Edition players take on the roll of Grayson Hunt who, after crashing his ship on an abandoned resort planet called Stygia, must make the choice of either getting revenge on the commander of the elite assassin group Dead Echo or getting his crew off the planet alive. There are six new levels for Echo Challenge Maps, and the co-op team-challenge Anarchy mode allows levelling up and work towards unlocking weapon skins, leash types, and character customisations.

The trailer's a bit odd, as it's a change of face from the usual fun-loving antics we've come to expect from Bulletstorm, going for more of a Gears of War-style approach instead. Also for the first time, players who pre-order Bulletstorm: Full Clip Edition will get the chance to play as the one-and-only Duke Nukem.

The trailer gives the audience a general idea of the story: Grayson Hunt is on a quest to kill the psychopathic general Victor Sarrano and escape the planet Stygia.

Along the aforementioned platforms, Bulletstorm: Full Clip Edition will release on April 7 for PS4 and Xbox One.

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