Published: Wed, March 01, 2017
Technology | By Timothy Carter

Telstra eyes nationwide LTE-B deployment by 2018

Telstra eyes nationwide LTE-B deployment by 2018

LTE-B is a dedicated technology for broadcasting media over LTE networks for enhanced mobile video services such as mobile TV broadcasting and live streaming video services. The technology is viewed as complementary to existing, highly secure and available mission critical LMR services and can cost-effectively extend assured PTT service to a greater number of users via mobile devices.

The technology will allow public safety agencies (PSAs) and enterprises to extend their PTT capabilities to more smartphone and device users, as well as providing additional capacity on land mobile radio (LMR) networks, Motorola Solutions said.

The LTE-B rollout is being conducted in partnership with Ericsson.

"Telstra's 4GX network is one of the most advanced and largest 4G networks in the world", said Mike Wright, Telstra's group managing director of networks. As our customers needs change, we are working to ensure they have prioritized access preferential treatment for voice and data services to help them keep the community safe.

Ericsson, Telstra, and The Fox Innovation Lab at 21st Century Fox will unveil a first-of-its-kind content delivery solution at Mobile World Congress 2017 that will pre-position personalized, premium movie content directly onto consumer devices, with no impact to device performance or consumer data plans.

"PTT is part of Telstra's LANES roadmap for our public safety customers, and complements the data and VoLTE services already available using this world-leading technology", Wright added.

And for the real nerds out there, Telstra's network transformation also enables advances in Ericsson's media cloud, an online based platform that enables outsourced file serving and broadcast delivery via the Ericsson Cloud and reduces the technology required by broadcasters as innovation in that space continues.

Other features of the program include collaboration with Qualcomm Technologies to collaborate and implement a 5G New Radio (NR) trials commercialization, which will form the basis for global standards.

The solution delivers critical communications capabilities including optimized push to talk latency, flexible talk group management and call pre-emption for LTE devices such as smart phones, tablets, and desktop computers.

By offering instant access to the latest studio releases with a premium audio visual experience, service providers can increase ARPU, differentiate from competitors and lower content distribution costs. To prepare the network for evolution to 5G, the companies will implement key technology enhancements included in 3GPP Release 13 and beyond.

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