Published: Thu, March 02, 2017
Technology | By Timothy Carter

New Pokemon and group events coming to Pokemon Go in 2017

New Pokemon and group events coming to Pokemon Go in 2017

As for the timing, VG24/7 reports that Niantic will, in theory, push through with the updates when they are ready, but if Generation 2 would count as the first of four major updates in 2017, it would make sense to separate them out by about three months a piece.

"What happened last summer was really kind of odd, where Pokemon Go spiraled out of control to this level of cultural awareness that nobody expected, certainly not us".

Just recently, Niantic added a new set of pocket monsters to Pokemon GO. After all, it did take half a year of teasing to get the aforementioned Generation 2 Pokemon.

"We'll be launching a new version of our original game, Ingress, later this year and we have some other projects that unfortunately I can't talk about today", Hanke said.

During the Mobile World Conference, Niantic CEO John Hanke dropped some information about future Pokemon Go updates, which Reddit page The Silph Road picked up on and reported. Regardless, players believe it is about time other features entered the game. If this update holds true, then the feature may also affect the type of Pokemon one finds during the day and night, based on the how the Pokemon games on Nintendo 3DS have shown. That's because two of the features were revealed to be trading and player vs. player battle systems.

Additionally, Hanke also revealed that players have caught a total of 88 billion monsters since the game's launch. Hanke further said that the game has seen a total of 650 million downloads across all platforms.

"Pokemon GO" lovers and players have another reason to rejoice now. Niantic Labs points out that trainers, the in-game players, have walked around 5.4 billion miles while using Pokémon Go. As such, the in-game purchases will continue, and the sponsorships will continue.

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