Published: Fri, March 03, 2017
Science | By Boyd Webster

Google unveils playable ads for Android game developers and other tools

Google unveils playable ads for Android game developers and other tools

New editorial pages are also due to be added to Google Play. Google already offers advertisers multiple ways to push ads across platforms like Google Search, Google Play, YouTube, AdMob and the Display Network.

In 2016, the top grossing iOS game globally was Fantasy Westward Journey that was developed by Chinese company NetEase, while that on Google Play was Monster Strike developed by Japanese firm Mixi. Nevertheless, at least we now can enjoy proper discounts on apps that some may be hesitant to buy at full price (I'm looking at you, Leo's Fortune).

For anyone browsing through Google Play though, it's the change to ranking algorithms that will have the most immediate and obvious impact. Now, Google will automatically create a second, vertical video ad for developers, when a horizontal video is uploaded to AdWords.

If you're a developer, hit the source link for more info on the new features.

Everyone likes a sale; Moledina says in trials of strikethrough pricing, the conversion rating for installs increased from 3x to 20x. There will be a ton of variety in terms of which apps will be on sale, and sometimes a couple dollars off regular price is enough to get people interested in paying for that app they were thinking about for a while but never pulled the trigger on.

The changes means that the hidden gems in the Play Store will no longer be buried under mountains of content. Indie game developers will have more of a chance of getting their games to succeed.

This news is good for the developers too since they will be able to promote some of their best and most well-known games by having special sales and promotions. What's more, editorial pages will help more games that could easily become buried in the Play Store see the light of day.

Promoting high quality experiences based on engagement, not just installs: With the enormous variety of games available on Google Play, there are many instances when great games don't get the visibility and attention they deserve.

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