Published: Sat, March 04, 2017
USA | By Angel Wallace

Yemen raid yields data on Al Qaeda explosives, official says

Yemen raid yields data on Al Qaeda explosives, official says

Several Syrian opposition activists also reported al-Masri was killed by a missile strike. Al-Nusra Front in Syria split from al Qaeda last summer with the blessing of al Qaeda leader al-Zawahiri.

Pentagon spokesman Navy Captain Jeff Davis said Al-Qaeda had taken advantage of ungoverned spaces in Yemen to plot, direct, and inspire terror attacks against America and its allies.

The U.S. military did not disclose how many al Qaeda fighters were killed on Friday although Reuters reported that Thursday's strikes, using manned and unmanned aircraft, left at least nine militants dead.

Successive US administrations have kept up a drone war against Al-Qaeda in Yemen since soon after the September 11, 2001 attacks.

A son-in-law of late Al Qaeda leader Osama bin Laden, al-Masri was implicated in the 1998 bombings of two U.S. embassies in Tanzania and Kenya in which more than 200 people, mostly civilians, died.

Al-Jaouf added that the top tribal figure, Abdel-Elah al-Dhahab, whose brothers were accused of links to al-Qaida and were killed in the January raid, survived the latest strikes.

Adam Baron, visiting fellow at the Europe Council on Foreign Relations in Beirut, said the U.S. was trying to assert its authority in Yemen.

US Official, Commander Dispel Claims No 'Valuable' Intel from Yemen Raid
US carries out airstrikes in Yemen targeting al Qaeda

The strikes were part of what appears to be a ramped up campaign against al-Qaeda in the Arab Peninsula (AQAP), which has been allowed to expand amid Yemen's ongoing civil war and collapsed state.

More than 10,000 people have been killed in ground battles and airstrikes since then, many of them civilians. New details of the raid indicate that after the SEALs pushed the al-Qaida terrorists out of their primary residence, they retreated to a nearby building and began indiscriminately firing.

The U.S. defense official said losing Mukalla degraded AQAP but also cautioned the group did not leave its money or many of its recruits behind.

Critics questioned the value of the mission.

The father of Owens told the Miami Herald he spurned Trump when the coffin arrived at Dover Air Force base, and that he demanded "an investigation" into his son's death.

AQAP and the Islamic State group have exploited a power vacuum created by a conflict between the government and Houthi rebels, in order to expand their presence in Yemen, especially in the south and southeast.

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