Published: Sun, March 05, 2017
Health Care | By Jeffery Armstrong

Now a 'smart condom' to track your sex performance

Now a 'smart condom' to track your sex performance

The i-Con has the ability to gather data during intercourse - including calories burnt, number and speed of thrusts, girth measurements, and different positions used per week, month, or year. Tell me more, fancy British people! "You will not know that the i.Con is there, it's extremely lightweight and non-invasive", the spokesperson said.

The i.Con is not a condom, but a penis ring that records the aforementioned data for couples to analyze.

Not only are they an effective defence against those things called babies, but they're also a great tool to protect users from sexually transmitted infections (STIs), make for great water bombs in summer, and have now entered the beauty blending sphere of the cosmetics world.

In short, the i.Con ring promises to answer every burning question you've ever had about your sex session.

The British Condoms company announced the upcoming release of the product by assuring that this is a device that has never been seen by the public, since consists on a high tech sex wearable.

But according to Someecards, there's a new "smart condom" on the market that will not only measure your humping performance but also compare it to others around the world.

One really useful appliance of this smart condom involves STDs.

Did someone say, no sex please we're British?

The ring, with a one-year warranty, has a Micro-USB charging port to provide six to eight hours of "live" usage.

According to the company, users should not be anxious about the privacy of their personal information.

The company, which is based in Nottingham, said that all info will be kept anonymous - but users be able to share their data with friends if they so desire.

The i.Con's British creators say the product isn't actually available just yet and it won't take your money until it is, but interested parties can register for pre-order. Upon its release in the United Kingdom, the i.Con will be sold for £59.99 or about $73.58.

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