Published: Sun, March 05, 2017
Technology | By Timothy Carter

Samsung begins mass production of Galaxy S8

Samsung begins mass production of Galaxy S8

And despite last year's Note7 debacle, Samsung is betting big on the Galaxy S8. It features a rounded corners display which appear to be interesting and modern-looking touch.

Samsung plans to announce the Galaxy S8 smartphone at a dedicated launch event in NY on March 29. It looks very much like what LG did with the G6's display. It uses a Qualcomm Snapdragon 820 processor, compared to Galaxy Tab S2's Snapdragon 625 or an Exynos 5433 processor. Samsung hasn't announced pricing or availability on the Galaxy Tab S3 yet, but the tablet comes with a number of features that the company says will attract both consumers and corporate users.

Reports earlier gathered that the Galaxy XCover 4 had just gotten its Federal Communications Commission certification nearly the same day Samsung's Germany website announced the device.

This will tighten the already-intense race against Samsung Electronics' upcoming counterparts, as the Seoul-based firm wowed the mobile industry past year by adding iris scanners into its ill-fated Galaxy Note 7 smartphone. The Samsung Galaxy X1 will come with a 5-inch flexible OLED display and will sport a fold-out design along with support for the 4K resolution.

Without getting too nerdy, the single-core score tells you how fast a device is able to perform one task at a time and the multi-core score tells you how well it's able to juggle multiple tasks at a time. Samsung has gone as far as ditching the Home button from smartphone and even the proprietary logo of the company is missing from the front. We thought that the company will not focus on another smartphone yet. It's also expected to have an iris scanner built in and tons of memory with some tech blogs saying 6GB of RAM may come standard in the device. If the prices stay in the range Samsung did with the Galaxy 7 line, it could have an edge over the iPhone 8 in terms of price. The 2,800mAh battery is more than enough to get the Galaxy Xcover 4 through the day, once you consider the hardware, while the phone runs Android 7.0 Nougat out of the box. The chipset is already described as the best on the market. It will be interesting to see these launch under the Nokia brand this year.

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