Published: Mon, March 06, 2017
USA | By Angel Wallace

Braulio Guerra Climbs US Border Fence to Prove a Point to Trump

Braulio Guerra Climbs US Border Fence to Prove a Point to Trump

Guerra broke out his camera to make a video atop of the border wall that separates San Diego, California, and Tijuana, Mexico.

Guerra, who's from the state of Querétaro, called Trump's idea to build a $12 to $15 billion wall across the entire roughly 2,000-mile length of the border "unnecessary and absurd". "Look, in these eight meters, more or less eight, 10 meters, how simple it is to climb".

In January, President Trump signed two controversial immigration-related executive orders, including efforts to build a wall on the Mexican border. The Mexican government repeatedly has refused.

Braulio Guerra, a congressman from Queretaro, said he wanted to show how President Donald Trump's plans for a new wall are "unnecessary".

The Mexican government, he says, must provide incentives to companies to hire people who are forced to return, as well as work with USA officials "for the protection of our migrants in the United States".

Guerra posted the video on Twitter, along with a comment that read, in part, "Human rights, principles and dignity are non-negotiable".

Between the video and the photos posted to his Twitter page, Guerra has produced no evidence to show how he actually climbed the fence.

Still others were outraged that a politician would take time out of his day to climb a fence.

Guerra's stunt comes amid rising tensions between Mexico and the United States.

"This is to be able to improve the relationship and stop the migrant flow, and return to friendly relations that produce jobs, that translate into good economic terms and development for both countries".

The Department of Homeland Security has only found $20 million in existing funds that can be redirected to the construction of a border wall, however. Guerra claims they came, climbed, and dropped down the other side, all within the short time he spent sitting atop the fence himself.

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