Published: Tue, March 07, 2017
Health Care | By Jeffery Armstrong

Dad says kids burned after drinking apple juice at restaurant

Dad says kids burned after drinking apple juice at restaurant

Three children became sick after drinking apple juice at a Lancaster County restaurant, police said.

They were the only customers reporting any injury or discomfort, said Officer Robin Weaver.

Richie, who also suffers from cystic fibrosis and diabetes, is still sedated with an intubation device, which could be removed as early as Monday, according to his father.

Ginaya was released from Hershey Medical Center yesterday but Richie remains in hospital with severe mouth and throat burns. They told the station that they bought the apple juice from a local super market.

"Our investigator has the authority to shut down the restaurant if the inspection finds an imminent threat to public health and safety", she said. One of the children, Richie Zaragoza, wanted to go there for his 10th birthday.

Another child, 6, experienced stomach discomfort, and an adult male had burns in his mouth after tasting the juice, police said.

"There's a lot of speculation going on".

Zaragoza says no one from the restaurant has contacted him. The juice, he said, came from a local supermarket.

The cups and juice are being analyzed, and tests are not back yet, Weaver said. "We need to determine the cause so it doesn't happen again".

East Lampeter Twp Police were called to assist emergency medical responders at the Star Buffet, 2232 Lincoln Highway East, on Friday, around 7:14pm.

In the latest inspection February 21, violations included the refrigerator was not maintaining the minimum temperature, egg rolls and breaded chicken in the refrigerator was not at the required temperature and more.

A family was at the restaurant celebrating 10-year-old Richard Zaragoza Jr.'s birthday when the incident occurred, WMPT reports.

Soon after Ginaya drank the juice and began vomiting, Richie started throwing up blood and screaming, "It burns, it burns", his mother, Virginia Davis, said Saturday.

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