Published: Tue, March 07, 2017
Health Care | By Jeffery Armstrong

GIRAFFE WATCH: Further belly development and drop

GIRAFFE WATCH: Further belly development and drop

April the giraffe, along with her mate Oliver, will soon welcome a little one to the world.

Keepers at Animal Adventure Park in NY say they spotted the "face and neck of a young giraffe" in the April's bedding on Sunday afternoon. She is slated to give birth any day. As April's due date can not be determined, and signs of labor will be assessed by April's physical condition, all eyes are on the baby bump.

Elsewhere on the Internet, another expecting mother's live cam went viral when she made a decision to don a giraffe mask and reenact April's performance. Park zookeepers believe activists who disagree with animals being kept in captivity were responsible for the video being pulled.

This will be the fourth calf for April, who is 15 years old. The page has more than 20 million views on YouTube, with well-wishers as far-flung as India and Scotland reaching out to park staff to send April good will. The world has been watching the very pregnant giraffe via a live web camera for almost two weeks now.

"April is in a much better mood today; but we completely understand her swings!"

"I did not think this many people would get a kick out of this", the mother wrote of her parody, "Clearly we live an exciting life over here in the Dietrich household". "Last week, compared to this week, provides even further belly development and drop", the zoo said in it's daily update. "(The) vet report is all positive and happy with progression", the zoo reported.

'All our friends have been making fun of me and my obsession with April so we just thought, "Hey we should order a giraffe mask"'. You can see the moment of truth above. Once April goes into active labor, zookeepers will go in to help her the rest of the way. At that point, there will be two live streams documenting the calf's birth. There will be a future announcement for a contest where viewers can suggest names for the baby giraffe.

They say it will weigh around 150 pounds and will be about 6 feet tall at birth. Do you see the imprint of a giraffe calf in April's bedding?

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