Published: Thu, March 09, 2017
Health Care | By Jeffery Armstrong

Water turns pink in Canadian town - Mayor forced to apologise

Water turns pink in Canadian town - Mayor forced to apologise

Neon pink water began flowing out of the taps in a small Canadian town earlier this week, startling residents.

How pink was it?

Other residents shared Facebook posts of the pink water, too, according to CBC.

Krasnow said the town uses potassium permanganate to help with its well water, the chemical can cause water to turn pink, and the water changed colour due to an issue with some equipment at the water treatment plant.

Town Mayor Dale Krasnow maintained that the water was safe and the public was not at risk and blamed the unusual color on a stuck valve in the town's water distribution center.

"We do a weekly flush and have done it for years and years, and nothing like this has ever happened before", Krasnow told CTV.

Videos and photos from anxious people in Onoway, Alberta, appeared on social media showing strangely vibrant water pouring from their taps.

It also has pink tap water. That water turned out to be haunted, but the water in Canada resulted from a chemical issue. "The reservoir was drained, however some of the chemical still made it into the distribution system".

"Could the town have done a better job of communicating what was going on yesterday to our community - absolutely, without a doubt". The mayor added that Alberta Environment officials would be visiting the town to review its system to prevent the situation from occurring again.

The town has nearly 1,000 people living in it, many of whom refused to drink the water while it was pink.

"It was very, very pink".

The California water allegedly has high levels of uranium - about five times the normal limit, NBC-7 reported. "It can cause cancer (and) in the case of nitrate in very high levels, it can even cause death after a few days of high exposure". "I think a lot of people forget that".

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