Published: Fri, March 10, 2017
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Gboard Integrates Google Translate, Adds GIF, Emoji Suggestions And Backdrops

Gboard Integrates Google Translate, Adds GIF, Emoji Suggestions And Backdrops

The stock virtual keyboard for Android is getting a major update this week, Google says: Gboard for Android will gain emoji and GIF typing suggestions, improved voice typing, more keyboard themes, and Google Translate access. By allowing users to share the GIFs they discover, Gboard is also setting itself up as a competitor to the likes of Giphy. This feature expands upon the company's Now on Tap translation integration from a year ago that lets users hold down the home button to translate any screen of foreign text. Instead of leaving your messaging app to translate a word or phrase, now you can translate your text right in the Gboard app. GIFs can be inserted into apps like Facebook Messenger, Snapchat, Hangouts and Allo. Choose a GIF suggestion and Gboard will perform a quick search for related media. So basically, your sentences are translated into other languages even as you type. The built in translate feature is like that when you start typing in your language, then keyboard will automatically translate and enter the translated text in the text field as you type.

Again, you notice the logic here? The company today announced that the Gboard for Android new features now include GIF and emoji suggestions. Google is positioning Gboard as a one stop solution for translating stuff as well.

If you're looking to customize your keyboard with new art, Google has added a new themes section that can now be easily accessed by tapping the "Google" logo on the upper left-hand side. So, no need to hop off to a translating tool, simply install Gboard and you are done.

These updates are rolling out as we speak, so be sure to head to the Play Store link below to grab the latest version!

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