Published: Fri, March 10, 2017
Culture | By Ray Hoffman

HBO reveals premiere date of Game of Thrones Season 7

HBO reveals premiere date of Game of Thrones Season 7

Game of Thrones announced the start of the new season by gradually melting a block of ice on three Facebook live videos Thursday afternoon.

Should we read into the fact that it's mostly ice with just a little bit of fire? This is reportedly one of the most anticipated series to return this year and the hundreds of reports containing the fans' excitement towards the upcoming thrilling set of events are going to prove that. Unsurprisingly, the poster has nothing on it except a clear picture of ice and fire. Eventually, the release date was revealed: July 16, 2017.

"When is Game of Thrones coming back?" is a question that constantly plagues fans of both the HBO series and George R.R. Martin's ongoing series of source novels.

Part of the reason the seventh season was delayed was because winter had finally come to Westeros.

Fans watched for more than an hour in anticipation as a huge block of ice in a room lit with torches melted away to reveal the date they had been waiting for. "And you guys will not be disappointed", she said in a Facebook live session.

Game of Thrones' sixth season is currently available to stream on HBO Now. The image teased something about fire and ice, and not much else. "There's only one war that passes: the great war", Jon Snow's voice says in the background.

A third video was posted at 2:55 p.m. with the caption, "Almost there, Game of Thrones fans".

A new poster is all part of the plan when it comes to promoting a news series or season.

Even with the premiere date finally unveiled, we still have many questions that only the show can answer. But, Liam Cunningham, the Game of Thrones actor reveals that July is a possible month for the telecast.

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