Published: Sat, March 11, 2017
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Half of Scots would vote for independence

Half of Scots would vote for independence

Earlier this week Ms Sturgeon said it would be "common sense" for a referendum to be held in autumn next year, by which time the terms of the UK's exit from the European Union should be much clearer.

On Thursday, Sturgeon told the BBC that autumn 2018 would be a "common sense" time for another independence referendum, but Harvie was less specific, taking inspiration from a satirical article published this week.

Ever since the Brexit referendum, Scotland has been looking for a way to stay in the European Union - either by leaving the United Kingdom or derailing Brexit altogether.

She added: "I'm not ruling anything out".

She has also been outspoken of her determination to keep the country in the EU.

The Prime Minister risked repeating David Cameron's mistakes by "promoting her party's interest rather than the national self-interest", he told the Herald newspaper, accusing her of playing into the SNP's hands by treating the campaign as a way of securing more Tory support in Scotland.

May has repeatedly batted down the threat of Scottish independence, stating there is no need for a second Scottish ballot.

Sturgeon argues the overwhelming support for the Remain ticket demands a debate and vote on independence especially given Sturgeon's conviction a "hard Brexit" would damage the Scottish economy.

There is speculation that Sturgeon may announce a second referendum at the SNP conference next weekend (17-18 March).

The Deputy First Minister said: "At the first available opportunity they have come back together again".

As well as a second vote, Sturgeon has put forward proposals for a different deal for Scotland which could see it remain part of the European single market through membership of the European Economic Area.

She insisted that no decision has been made about whether to ask Scottish voters for a mandate for independence. She said: 'I'm not and I never have been'.

"Nicola Sturgeon could provide much needed clarity on Scotland's future by ruling out another independence referendum altogether".

Ipsos MORI last polled Scots on the subject six months ago, with support for independence rising by two percentage points during the period.

She said she was not "bluffing" about holding another referendum and warned politicians in Westminster that Brexit is not "some kind of game".

In contrast, 26% strongly disagree with the idea of a second Brexit referendum while 14% tend to agree, with 6% who neither agreed nor disagreed and 2% who said they did not know.

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