Published: Sun, March 12, 2017
Technology | By Timothy Carter

Facebook Messenger Day, a Snapchat Stories Clone, Arrives on Android and iOS

Facebook Messenger Day, a Snapchat Stories Clone, Arrives on Android and iOS

It's added games so you can use it for fun. So, if you want to post sultry photos or lay down for people you're into without sharing them with your friends, family, colleagues, then this is the way to do it. But if you're used to Snapchat and Instagram Stories, then this should be a cinch. After you send a photo or video, you'll see the option to "add to your day". Snapchat's success has inspired a lot of copycats.

So how does this feature work?

While the feature has gone live today, it has been a while since Facebook has been expected to roll it out on the Messenger. You use Messenger's built-in camera to snap pictures or videos; add text, doodles, cartoon overlays, or facial filters; and then drop this content into a little digital bundle (your "Day") that all or some of your friends can access, and that deletes itself every 24 hours.

In that sense, it is much like Snapchat and ephemeral in nature. The fact that these slideshows quickly became a part of Facebook, Instagram, WhatsApp, and Messenger means that the format is becoming bigger than Snapchat, and Facebook is betting big on this type of visual communication being the next status update.

You can add to your Day feed explicitly from the main Messenger interface, or choose things from your group chats to include.

Messenger Day (and WhatsApp Status, to a degree) represents an opportunity for Facebook to start monetizing Messenger.

First make sure you've updated your Messenger application so you have the latest version. You can also jump into Messenger Day by tapping the new shutter button at the bottom of the screen.

Take a selfie, photo, or video of something you want to share. Next, take a photo or video and tap the smiley face icon in the top right to add art and effects. The firm has included the ability to draw on images, write, text and include a number of "special effects".

Once you share it to your Day, it will be viewable for 24 hours. Now where the recipient list shows up, right above the camera roll option, (after the update) you will now see a "My Day" option, which is basically the stories feature.

Check out Facebook's Help hub for a step-by-step guide and more details. We're now making that available in a way that we think people who use Messenger will enjoy. But according to Facebook, there is a difference: Snapchat lets you relive your friends' day while Messenger Day will supposedly let you make plans in the moment.

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