Published: Sun, March 12, 2017
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The Vampire Diaries says a final, emotional goodbye

The Vampire Diaries says a final, emotional goodbye

Thus, it is still not very clear that whether the death of Bonnie will lead to the awakening of Elena, but a clipping of a teaser of The "Vampire Diaries" season 8 has put forward a clue that the return of Elena is linked with the death of Bonnie. Having said that current TVD spinoff The Originals makes its Season 4 debut in the mothershow's old slot on March 17. But if Delena lived a long and attractive life together, Why did they seem so young in this Final Series of The Vampire Diaries? Fans will have to say have to say goodbye to Damon (Ian Somerhalder), Stefan (Paul Wesley), Caroline (Candice King), Bonnie (Kat Graham), Matt (Zach Roerig), and Elena (Nina Dobrev). Caroline attempts to feed her some blood but she doesn't take it.

Caroline may be the mother of his children and the woman he unrequitedly loves (which is super creepy, by the way, given that she was very recently his high school student), but Elena is his family, too. While she always said she would love to come back for the finale, whenever it was, the official announcement was made in late January via Instagram. After pretending to be Elena one last time, she reveals she's hidden the real Elena's body, and that the bone dagger can only send her to Hell temporarily. She was in Hell when the place blew up from Hellfire, but does that mean she's gone for good? He orders the town evacuated.

Oh Katherine. She's back, she's pissed and she's got Hell wrapped around her little finger. She jokes about who is going to be the one who dies burning in Mystic Falls with her. Meanwhile, he hears Vicki Donovan ringing the bell. However, his plan completely backfires when human Stefan, who has been on vervain this whole time, turns right back around to be the hero we all know and love. "And in fact, it is Lexi and who she was that made us look at Caroline in a new way for him because they're so similar, and what they brought to his life in terms of positivity, strength and control was so similar". Given that the retrospective beforehand managed to score a 0.4 rating, we figure that the people who were probably the happiest about the show's performance at the end of the day are the CW executives who kept it around for so many years, even in these later months when the ratings were not anywhere near as great. But it was later revealed that Stefan had been taking vervain and was immune to the compulsion.

She finds Stefan, but then she finds out that he's sacrificing himself to save Damon. It just was never going to happen. "Stefan is the better man", she taunts. "He did say he would be her last, and while Stefan and Caroline are cute and healthy, but Klaus has a chemistry with her that was not comparable".

They decided against that ending, they said, because Nina Dobrev left the show in season 6. Damon doesn't want to live without his brother, so he compels him to walk away.

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