Published: Mon, March 13, 2017
Culture | By Ray Hoffman

Despite Calls For Boycott, Sales Of Ivanka Trump Products Surge

Despite Calls For Boycott, Sales Of Ivanka Trump Products Surge

Online fashion store Lyst, one of the largest in the world, reported skyrocketing sales of Ivanka Trump products on february 9 - the same day Conway told Fox viewers she "hates shopping", but that she would "get some, myself, today".

Ivanka Trump's fashion label made headlines last month when Nordstrom dropped the line from its stores and President Trump attacked the company on Twitter. "Since the beginning of February, they were some of the best performing weeks in the history of the brand..."

Amazon, one of the most high-profile retailers carrying Ivanka Trump products, did not immediately respond to a request for sales figures for the brand. An e-commerce website, however, also backed up the claim.

Macy's is now the second largest seller of the first daughter's brand.

Sales of Ivanka Trump products increased 346% between January and February, while over previous year sales of the brand are up 557% according to Lyst, a British e-commerce website that sells thousands of different brands.

"To see such an extreme spike in one month is completely unheard of and came as a huge surprise to us", Lyst spokeswoman Sarah Tanner told the BBC earlier this week.

The massive amount of news coverage gave the fashion brand plenty of free exposure and publicity and recent figures from sales show that has paid off. The site also stated that Ivanka Trump was its 11th most popular brand in February, up from 550th in January.

As she addressed President Trump's tweets calling out the retailer for dropping Ivanka Trump products during an appearance on "Fox & Friends", Conway urged viewers to "go buy Ivanka's stuff". Purchases from her line were also up 148 percent at Macy's and nearly a third at Bloomingdale's. Ms. Conway was later counseled and the incident led to an investigation by the Office of Government Ethics, who recommended discipline.

Ahead of her father's speech, Ivanka Trump took to Twitter and posted a photo of herself wearing the foreign dress, as she was standing next to her husband, Trump's adviser Jared Kushner.

"We often noticed sales and search data are related to current events", Ms.

Sales of the fashion line dropped 26 percent in January but surged online in February, growing by some 207 percent, including 332 percent growth on Amazon, which replaced Nordstrom as the brand's top retailer.

"A lot of people support Ivanka, even across both political parties", she told Refinery29. "I bought this without knowing what it smelt like, and I didn't care!"

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