Published: Tue, March 14, 2017
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CRA shuts down online tax filing over Internet vulnerability

CRA shuts down online tax filing over Internet vulnerability

Canadians can once again file their taxes online after the Canada Revenue Agency (CRA) took its website down due to what it called an "internet vulnerability" on Friday.

Patrick Samson says the CRA isn't aware of any personal information being affected, but says the agency will monitor the situation.

CRA said took the step after it became aware of an internet vulnerability affecting some computer servers used by websites worldwide on March 10.

The notice says people can still complete their forms, but will have to wait to file.

CRA said suspending the online services was a precaution, not the result of a successful hack or breach, and that maintenance security patches would ensure all information would remain safe.

The agency said that any tax returns that were filed before the online shutdown were still being processed normally throughout the service disruption.

A software flaw exposed the website to hackers and the Canadian websites have since been patched and resumed operations, officials said.

Some services affected are: My Account, My Business Account, Represent a Client, the MyCRA mobile application, the MyBenefits mobile application, Netfile, EFILE and Auto-Fill My Return. If you question whether or not the CRA has received your return, you and the CRA have certainty on the filing of returns through a confirmation code that is issued only upon successful transmission.

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