Published: Tue, March 14, 2017
Money | By Oscar Reynolds

Nintendo Switch Desperately Needs New Good Games or Else

Nintendo Switch Desperately Needs New Good Games or Else

These two people are in an ad for the Nintendo Switch, so they're being paid to be excited. However, what this provides is a new way for the Nintendo Switch community to add features to their devices.

The first sign of the trend came last week, when Rime publisher Tequila Works announced that the Switch version of the exploration/puzzle game would cost $40, compared to $30 for the PS4 and Xbox One versions.

Unfortunately, however, the Nintendo Switch is now sold out at most retailers, which means fans face a long wait for new stock.

Speaking anonymously to MCV, one United Kingdom retail manager voiced concerns over Nintendo's lack of communication, specifically with regard to refilling Switch stock.

The Nintendo Switch arrived on store shelves on March 3rd. But for some, it is the ONLY acceptable way to play Switch games. You're able to play the latest games from Nintendo and a refreshed line-up from its partners. According to a post on, the hacker tweaked an old iOS WebKit exploit, removed the iOS-specific code and took advantage of a vulnerability contained within the hidden Switch browser to show just how easy it will be to hack the console. This means all the storage is stuck on the Nintendo Switch for better or worse. And, for the most part, early adopters are happy with the Switch. If you're fighting a boss in the new "Zelda" game, for instance, and the controller disconnects mid-fight, you could conceivably lose the fight because of that disconnection. The console is now out of stock at most stores and on merchant sites. Next month, we'll be getting the Temporal Battle Arena free DLC for the Nintendo Switch version of the game.

This seems to be the case in various markets as almost everywhere is short to sold out completely for both bundles of the Nintendo Switch. "Have we seen this in our own experience?" However, using exploits to jailbreak the Switch would allow gamers to load homebrew apps, play ROMS that simulate Nintendo classics, and even browse the Internet as one would on a computer. Furthermore, it's possible that the number of cartridges printed can further impact the overall cost, meaning - as the article points out - that indie developers who sell more copies than they initially expected to sell could incur additional costs.

We here at Stevivor have only noticed frame rate drops in Zelda whilst in TV mode.

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