Published: Tue, March 14, 2017
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'The Bachelor' Season 21 Finale Preview: Who Will Get the Final Rose?

'The Bachelor' Season 21 Finale Preview: Who Will Get the Final Rose?

It all leads up to Nick choosing between Raven and Vanessa - and there's no telling who he'll end up choosing!

Go on. We know you want to... Vanessa was identified as the victor by insider Reality Steve, the blogger who has named the correct victor of all but one season of the Bachelor and Bachelorette franchise. Whether that's because Nick will be the first "Bachelor" turned down or Vanessa will be the first Canadian victor remains to be seen. After narrowing down the bevy of 30 attractive women to the top two finalists, millions of die-hard fans will tune in to watch as Nick makes the most important decision of his life.

"I really could feel her emotion, but it was a little bit of fear that she could hurt Nick", Chris told the cameras later, expressing some concern. She is one of the most likable contestants the show has ever had, so the premiere of her season is hotly anticipated - but when will Rachel's Bachelorette season begin?

Nick Viall has reached the end of his journey to finding love after a long and dramatic season 21 of The Bachelor. And, it's almost impossible to picture Nick Viall engaged to Raven either. Gates is a boutique owner from Arkansas, who has been a sweet addition to the cast this season and she certainly wins over Viall's family on tonight's episode. The pair recently butted heads over where they'd live and the values they respectively live by, which gave some reason to believe Raven was leaving "The Bachelor" engaged.

Harrison thinks Viall has narrowed down his choices to "two incredible women" that "could not be more different".

Tonight, Nick's latest chance at love comes to a close as he must choose between spending his life with Raven or Vanessa. "But both check off boxes, to be so crass, of things that mean a lot to him". "Nick? He's your Bachelor?'" Harrison told Watt. We see it in the preview video, but Us Weekly said it is a 4-carat diamond that is worth $93,000! Specifically, we're talking about The Bachelorette season 13 starring Rachel Lindsay, which is going to be filming most likely in a mere matter of days!

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