Published: Tue, March 14, 2017
Technology | By Timothy Carter

YouTube Launches Uptime, an App That Lets Users Watch Videos Together

YouTube Launches Uptime, an App That Lets Users Watch Videos Together

Google incubator Area 120 has launched Uptime, an app that lets you watch YouTube videos with your friends.

Once signed in with your Google account, you can connect with your friends and watch YouTube videos together in real-time. Users will also be able to receive daily video recommendations from friends and other users they follow.

"When you enter a video post, your watch will be shown in real time with anyone in the video", according to a FAQ page.

The app is available for free, but only for iOS. The invite code is said to be "PIZZA", which I can not confirm because the app is only available in the US App Store.

While watching a video, users can share their reactions in multiple ways.

Uptime is only available in the of late, and there is no indication if Google intends to bring it to other regions as well. While watching a video on Uptime, your profile picture pulls a tinkerbell-like stunt and floats above the video.

The premise is an interesting one - sharing the experience of watching together, even if your friends aren't gathered around the same TV, or huddled over the same phone. While watching a video, a multicolored progress bar is displayed around the whole picture. Users can also label the video they send to friends with a caption that lets them know what they thought of the video. You can also chose to leave sparkles, that are visible only to folks who are watching that particular video at that particular instance.

Okay, so if you think this is just another YouTube app with a few different features thrown in, think again.

You can search for videos inside the app, or input a YouTube URL in the search box to find something specific.

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