Published: Wed, March 15, 2017
USA | By Angel Wallace

GOP senator warns healthcare bill could put House majority at risk

GOP senator warns healthcare bill could put House majority at risk

Republican Sen. Tom Cotton (R-AR) sent a powerful message to his Republican colleagues during an appearance on ABC's "This Week", saying that their support for the GOP's new healthcare bill could endanger their majority in the House of Representatives. "There is no three-step plan", Cotton told radio show host Hugh Hewitt. Step two, as yet unwritten regulations by Tom Price, which is going to be subject to court challenge, and therefore, perhaps the whims of the most liberal judge in America. We would just be doing that right now on this legislation altogether. There won't be eight Democrat Senators willing to vote for it. "That's why it's so important that we get this legislation right, because there is no step three", Cotton said. To my friends in House: pause, start over.

The senator on Tuesday also addressed the score given to the bill by the nonpartisan Congressional Budget Office.

Cotton called on the House to "take a pause" in moving forward with the bill, blasting its architects for making the bill public Monday and moving it to committee Wednesday - which he feels didn't leave enough time for review.

"I don't want to see the House majority put at risk on a bill that is not going to pass the Senate", he said.

"I would say to my friends in the House of Representatives with whom I serve, 'Do not walk the plank and vote for a bill that can not pass the Senate and then have to face the consequences of that vote", Cotton told ABC News chief anchor George Stephanopoulos.

Leadership said they are working quickly to deliver on their promise to repeal the Affordable Care Act, noting the party has been working to dismantle the bill for years.

"However, I suspect that the political consequences of those near-term changes means that the long term will never actually arrive", Cotton said.

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