Published: Thu, March 16, 2017
Science | By Boyd Webster

Foldable smartphone prototypes produced this summer — Samsung Galaxy X

Foldable smartphone prototypes produced this summer — Samsung Galaxy X

Given that the current deadline for the appearance of the prototype has been set to Q3, we can speculate that Samsung might bring the handset out at IFA 2017 in Berlin. "They are going to examine the quality and performance of these prototypes internally and gather responses from markets in advance by giving them to major customers such as mobile network providers", says the publication. The company is reportedly aiming to design its first foldable smartphone as an extremely luxurious device that consumers will perceive as being even more premium than the Galaxy S lineup.

This mass production will likely happen in 2018.

Along with Samsung, panel manufacturers of China are also speeding up the development process for foldable display prototypes.

Commentators point out that Samsung seemed to be following the same strategy it used with Edge displays.

Samsung wanted to position its foldable devices "one-step higher than regular flagship smartphones, " ETNews reported. This new smartphone will offer "luxurious design and high-quality", which will have a halo effect on Samsung's entire line-up. The screen. According to ETNews' sources, this is the foldable Samsung handset we've heard about in recent rumors. The news of a prototyping stage being entered suggests the reception may have been positive. With its borderless design, large screen, vocal assistant and facial recognition, Samsung's flagship should make a sensation during its presentation. Although there might be needs for investments on additional production lines when official mass-production and amount of supply are decided in the future, it is heard that now there are not any problems regarding supply of foldable panels for prototypes.

Samsung has been teasing its foldable display technology for years.

Speaking to ETNews, an unnamed industry analyst is quoted as saying: "Although Samsung needs to implement qualities that correspond to its brand image, it is paying careful attention to Chinese companies as it looks not to lose "world's first foldable Smartphone" title to Chinese companies". It will reportedly produce the prototype of the device in Q3 this year.

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