Published: Thu, March 16, 2017
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Jack's Other Side; Will This Be The End Of Him & Rebecca's Marriage?

Jack's Other Side; Will This Be The End Of Him & Rebecca's Marriage?

The finale has a little bit of everybody in it but it maybe focuses on Milo and I as Jack and Rebecca more - before they were Jack and Rebecca.

'We're going to destroy America by the end of the season, ' Moore divulged, 'As if they don't have enough to be upset about at this point in time, anyway'.

Moreover, some are also disappointed when the show failed to reveal what most fans are waiting for - how did Jack (Milo Ventimiglia) die, Washington Post noted.

And, no, as expected, we didn't learn how Jack will/did die, though we certainly had some reason to worry as he drank and drove, and for all we know he could be run over, totally sober, while on his way to move in with Miguel. Kate now has a vital role in the "This Is Us" universe because as she confided last week, something she did led to her father's death. Dan Fogelman and company invited the finale's backlash onto themselves by capping the penultimate episode with Kate (Chrissy Metz) blaming herself for her father's passing.

Though exhausted and bleary-eyed, Jack made it to Rebecca's show. She's likely talking about Rebecca. He was right, ' she scolds him, referring to Jack's warning of her ex's ulterior motives. Jack gets more and more wasted and tries to find Rebecca backstage. (It also left many fans bashing Rebecca, whether that's fair or not.) We got to see the handsome way Jack and Rebecca met, but also the ugly way they separated. Rebecca screams at her husband. But it wasn't a throwaway episode, either.

Separation doesn't necessarily mean that this is the end for Jack and Rebecca though. We got plenty of hints Tuesday night: Randall wants to adopt a baby. There's more to see of Rebecca and the big three. "Every marriage endures its ups and downs", Sterling K. Brown, who plays Randall, tells The Hollywood Reporter. It turns out that when Ron Howard calls for a movie opportunity, Kevin not only leaves NY and the show (what happened to that?), but breaks his promise to never leave Sophie again.

Kate decided that, upon looking at a picture of her mother, she wanted to sing.

Before she married Jack, Rebecca was a struggling singer, overwhelmed with record label rejection letters and disapproving comments from her family and friends. Jack completely forgot about his, focusing instead on the robbery plan.

And while it was during a low time in Jack's life, as he was about to rob a bar in desperation, he saw Rebecca singing on stage and stopped in his tracks.

And now she has advice for them. 'I have no life!

"I hope everyone has recovered from William's passing, is all I'm going to say", teases Ventimiglia.

The next morning she comes downstairs and Jack is sitting on the living room couch waiting for her. "That's not a career". "Here's a couple [who] loves each other, they do deeply, but they've found themselves in a moment of disrepair and they gotta figure it out".

'What do you love about me?' Rebecca quips. "But I promise you, it's just getting started". "These are two people that love each other very much, but they got to a heated place where they need to step away". I keep my lips sealed. I didn't even cry, not one tear! William left Randall with some parting wisdom (roll the windows down, let someone else make the bed...), and Randall's solo return home was so stoic, he looked exactly like it feels every time you have to put on a courageous face during a crisis. I love that you dance amusing and not sexy, which makes it even sexier. Or just talk about it, you know?

Sorry, but that's just what ya gotta do after you have THAT much on-screen chemistry together.

Even if you had made it through their big fight without crying, you probably didn't stand a chance after that. Unfortunately, season one of the NBC drama concluded without revealing his cause of death - and star Mandy Moore has a message for fans who are frustrated with how things ended. By demanding more from his sure-to-be tragic demise, such pressure only exacerbates the show's habit of milking every tear from every scene.

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