Published: Fri, March 17, 2017
World | By Carl Welch

Almost Here! Dave Chappelle's Netflix Trailer

Almost Here! Dave Chappelle's Netflix Trailer

Netflix will be simultaneously releasing two Chappelle stand-up specials next Tuesday. Not since 2004's For What It's Worth has the deliberately reclusive comedian filmed one of his sets, although he's gone on sporadic tours and most recently returned to the spotlight with his exceptional post-Trump appearance as the Saturday Night Live. The two that now exist are on their way, coming to to Netflix on March 21. Two Cities, One Event features back-to-back sets filmed in Austin, Texas and Los Angeles, California, filmed over the last few years. If the trailer for his upcoming specials, both available to stream on Netflix as of March 21, is any indication, Dave Chappelle's glorious return has a theme, and that theme is disgusting, frightful death.

As all of Dave Chappelle's many fans have come to expect from him, there doesn't appear to be any topic that is off limits in the new material.

He touches on police brutality before pointing out that most black people are in danger from eating too much salt. "Salt, n***a, regular-a** table salt." - to the time he met OJ Simpson. There's no word yet on when that third special is going to drop, but these two ought to hold us over just fine until then.

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