Published: Fri, March 17, 2017
World | By Carl Welch

Mt Etna sparks again in fresh bout of activity

Mt Etna sparks again in fresh bout of activity

As many as 10 people were injured Thursday when several unexpected blasts at Italy's Mount Etna volcano sent scalding steam and rocks shooting into the air.

Nino Borzi, the mayor of Nicolosi, the closest residential area on the island of Sicily, said there were around 35 people in the area close to the explosion. Some vulcanologists from INGV Catania were present and said the situation wasn't serious.

News science correspondent Rebecca Morelle described the incident as "extremely scary".

Morelle said a volcanologist with them on the peak described the incident as the most unsafe in his 30-year career.

BBC shared the footage from their journalists on Etna - all of whom are safe and suffering from only minor injuries - in the clip below.

Ten people were reportedly hurt during an eruption of the volcano, which is the highest and most active in Europe.

Guides and rescue teams led everyone off the mountain, she said.

The BBC film crew at the scene said they had escaped unharmed.

Italy's volcanology institute said it was continuing to monitor the phenomenon.

Four of the tourists were hospitalized for injuries that were not listed as life-threatening, the Italian news agency ANSA reported, according to AP.

"Lava flow hit some snow and the contrast between cold and hot generated this explosion".

Volcanologists later said the eruptive phase was "diminishing", the Mirror of the United Kingdom reported.

"Violent explosion at the contact between flowing lava and thick snow on Etna about one hour ago", he wrote.

"Explosions like this have killed", she added.

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