Published: Fri, March 17, 2017
Money | By Oscar Reynolds

What you need to know for your Wednesday travel plans

The US National Weather Service issued a 24-hour blizzard warning from midnight on Monday (noon on Tuesday Hong Kong time) for NY, expanding north into CT and south into New Jersey.

Cancellations were spilling into Wednesday, too.

At San Francisco International Airport, 51 arriving flights and 38 departing flights were cancelled Tuesday as of 7 a.m., according to Bob Rotiski, airport duty manager.

Underscoring how weather problems in the Northeast can ripple out to other parts of the country, even some Florida flights had already been canceled Wednesday.

If you have any travel plans in or out of Burlington global, check ahead with the airlines. There is no extra fee as long as you book in the same cabin.

Changes must be made prior to the original departure date for new flights departing on or before March 17, 2017. A difference in fare may apply, but the change fee, which is usually $200, has been waived.

Perkins said flights to Boston were also being grounded as he waited at MIA Tuesday afternoon.

Passengers should check with their airlines before leaving for the airport, officials advise. They can also choose to refund trips booked before March 10. "Travelers without confirmed flights should not come to LaGuardia, Kennedy or Newark Liberty airports", Port Authority officials said in a statement. For travelers headed to or leaving Chicago, flights can be rebooked between now and Wednesday. Airlines have increasingly favored such a move since it allows a quick and orderly restart to operations once the weather improves. Make sure to check the airline's travel alerts page.

Kathy Pahanish of Executive Tour and Travel in Poland has been watching the big storm closely and has already adjusted travel arrangements for customers.

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