Published: Fri, March 17, 2017
Technology | By Timothy Carter

Why do some multi-platform games cost more on Nintendo Switch?

Why do some multi-platform games cost more on Nintendo Switch?

The Nintendo Switch is experiencing low stock across the globe with USA stores already out of stock. We already knew that week one sales in the United Kingdom were around the 85,000 unit mark but this week, we got some worldwide figures, showing the Switch selling more than 1.5 million units in its first two weeks.

Meanwhile, Amazon in the USA is also facing Nintendo Switch Supply issues. But, as we've seen with the Vita and other consoles, the pricing disparity can start to get weird when retailers start clearing out discs at reduced prices, while downloads stay at their inflated peak (until the occasional appearance of a deep discount sale, that is).

VentureBeat reports that data from analyst SimilarWeb shows that both GameStop and Toys R Us saw monthly traffic peaks on the day Switch launched - March 3. That outpaced every other retailer.

Far easier (depending on geography) is the new option to add friends whose Switch consoles are connected to the same Wi-Fi network as yours. Toys R Us received the lead amount of hits from, but it also had the largest spike in traffic from the publisher's website with an increase of 813 percent compared to January.

Looking at overall web activity, GameStop grabbed over three per cent of all search traffic for the term "Switch" in the launch run-up, although again Toys R Us, Best Buy, Walmart and Target all enjoyed similar bumps. If you already have one, it's just a matter of signing into the account from your Switch, but if not you'll have to create one.

Above: Traffic patterns for

During the Nintendo Switch presentation event, the company had revealed that Splatoon 2 was in development and would arrive in the summer of this year. Specifically, the left Joy-Con controller can fail to connect, rendering games unplayable until the connection is established or a different controller, for example, the Switch Pro Controller, is used instead.

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