Published: Sat, March 18, 2017
Technology | By Timothy Carter

In Credit, Free Google Home, Or Free LG Smart TV

It was only a few hours ago that we reported that LG would be offering a free Google Home as part of its promotional push for the G6.

On April 7, T-Mobile retail locations and its online store will start carrying the LG G6. It claims that customers who pre-order will be getting a Google Home smart speaker free of charge.

USA carrier Verizon Wireless has officially started taking preorders for the sleek new LG G6 flagship and three special offers aim to make the smartphone powerhouse even more attractive.

Those looking to buy the G6 over two years can get it by way of T-Mobile's 24-month interest-free Equipment Installment Plan with $26 monthly payments and $26 down (for the same total of $650 you'd spend buying it up front).

In case you missed it, the LG G6 will be available to pre-order in the United States on March 17th.

Regarding the latter, AT&T will accept pre-orders for the G6 starting tomorrow on their website.

That's a decent price considering that the LG G6 comes with powerful specifications and flagship-worthy features, as high-end smartphones don't come cheap. However, US carriers broke their silence on LG's G6 and revealed important details regarding its availability and pricing in the region.

We're also told, customers will be able to grab the LG G6 at Verizon for $672 outright or for $28/month for the next 24 months. We can expect T-Mobile to make some announcements in the near future, and Sprint may do the same just to compete with other carriers.

T-Mobile is also offering the LG G6 to its customers for $26 down and $26 a month under a 24-month contract. Preorders at Sprint begin on March 17, and those who preorder before May 11 will be receiving a free 49-inch Full HD LG TV, along with a Google Home. The official launch is set for April 7. It isn't actually free, but the carrier will simply credit your account $24 each month for $30 months, which is what you'll pay for the first one.

US Cellular is going to be selling the G6 to new customers at just $10 every month for 30 months, which means customers will end up paying just $300 for the smartphone.

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