Published: Mon, March 20, 2017
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Daniel Jacobs On Golovkin Power - What It Felt Like

Daniel Jacobs On Golovkin Power - What It Felt Like

One of the biggest fights of the year is a day away as Gennady "GGG" Golovkin will take on Daniel Jacobs in the Mecca of Boxing, Madison Square Garden in NY.

Jacobs switched to a left-handed stance for much of the early rounds, and Golovkin was able to hit him with two rights early in the fourth.

Gennady Golovkin's knockout streak was ended, but his unbeaten run remained intact after meeting Danny Jacobs on Saturday night. It was not the last time that Jacobs stared down Golovkin and raised his arms in a "Come on!" motion.

GGG hasn't fought at home since 2010, when he won the WBA crown against Nilson Julio Tapia. He won the last three rounds on two of the judges' cards.

When the fight was on the line in the championship rounds, Jacobs fought like a champion, winning all three rounds on the scorecards of judges Max DeLuca and Steve Weisfeld and two of the final three on judge Don Trella's card.

After a cautious, feeling out in the first two rounds, the bout blossomed into a fascinating battle with the fighters engaging freely in a thrilling duel to the finish that nearly produced another Jacobs' miracle. Jacobs is bigger and faster than Golovkin and hits harder than numerous Kazakh's previous victims. Moreover, Daniel has not lost a single fight; nine consecutive wins and all by knockout.

The number of knockouts is how I measure a fighter's punching chance.

"After the knockdown, I told him he would have to kill me [to knock me out]", Jacobs said. Golovkin's ferocious aura, despite beating a fellow world middleweight champion, has taken a painful punch.

Compubox showed Golovkin landing 233-of-618 attempted punches for a 38% connect rate while crediting Jacobs with 176-of-542 of thrown punches for a 32% rate of landing.

Standing taller and more muscular than Golovkin at Friday's weigh-in, Brooklyn's Daniel Jacobs provides the most substantial obstacle yet for the Southland-based Kazakhstan champion. Daniel Jacobs is a proud member of the latter category.

Some of the fans who criticize Golovkin look for any minuscule flaw on his performance to slander him.

"I think I won the fight". It was pay-per-view, HBO, the biggest bout Jacobs ever stepped out of his corner to fight. "I am like an animal for this fight".

Although Golovkin stalked as he normally does and tried to cut off the ring, Jacobs' hand speed posed a problem getting close. "But I believe he does have the speed to get off first, the sharpness and accuracy to land, and the intelligence to put together effective combinations which could have a very positive reaction from his opponent".

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