Published: Mon, March 20, 2017
World | By Carl Welch

Turkish FM urges European Union to implement visa-free regime

Turkish FM urges European Union to implement visa-free regime

According to the Turkish official, "they all have the same mindset" and that mindset is propelling Europe towards "wars of religion" in the very near future. Drive the best cars. "Have not just three but five children".

Thomas Oppermann, the parliamentary caucus leader of Gabriel's Social Democrats, said Turkey's chances of joining the European Union would be "gone for good" if the country reintroduced the death penalty, as Erdogan has suggested. And that's exactly why Erdoğan encouraged it.

Other Turkish politicians, on the other hand, urged calmness to resolve this explosive crisis with Europe, such as the leader of the nationalists in the parliament, Devlet Bahceli.

President Recep Tayyip Erdogan, campaigning in a referendum to extend his presidential powers again, turned his fire on the German chancellor Angela Merkel. The deterioration in the rule of law in Turkey is moving the country away from Europe, Deutsche Welle comments.

Those denunciations have been aggressive.

After Germany and the Netherlands appeared to be taking sides in Turkey's internal affairs and the referendum process by banning rallies, events and even ministers from entering Turkish sovereign territory, Erdogan lashed out by describing both countries as "fascist" and "Nazi remnants".

"Wilders" anti-Islam Party for Freedom could only manage a second position in the Dutch polls, securing 20 seats. Despite repeated threats of sanctions against Germany and the Netherlands for banning Turkish ministers from speaking at rallies of ethnic Turks, until now there have only been few diplomatic measures.

Great! Thanks to heavy PVV- pressure a few days before the Dutch elections our government did NOT allow the Turkish minister to land here!

The European Union (EU) heaped praise on the EU-Turkey deal in a factsheet published on Friday, a day ahead of its one-year anniversary, saying it remarkably reduced migratory flows from Turkey to Greece and the loss of life at the sea.

"While continuous efforts need to be made by all sides and all EU member states, the EU-Turkey Statement has become an important element of the EU's comprehensive approach on migration", said the factsheet.

Should relations continue to sour between the two, the agreement could evaporate, and potentially contribute to a huge disruption in economic ties.

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