Published: Tue, March 21, 2017
Culture | By Ray Hoffman

Tim Allen says being a conservative in Hollywood is 'like ''30s Germany'

Tim Allen says being a conservative in Hollywood is 'like ''30s Germany'

The topic arose after Kimmel asked Allen about Donald Trump's January 20 inauguration, which Allen reluctantly admitted he attended with his children. "'What we believe is right!' I go, 'Well, I might have a problem with that!' I'm a comedian, I like going on both sides ..."

"Yeah I went to the inauguration", he said.

The n-word in this case was "Nazi", but instead of invoking the word itself, Allen made a remark comparing Hollywood to " '30s Germany".

'I don't know what happened. Thursday night. "You get beat up if you don't believe what everybody believes".

Tim Allen in Last Man Standing. He went on to attend Central Michigan University before transferring to Western Michigan where he earned a Bachelor of Science degree in communications.

"I'm not attacking you", Kimmel joked.

It's really rough out there for a conservative working in Hollywood.

Allen didn't sound so dire during the Republican primaries, when the Hollywood Reporter asked whether he vented his political views through his character.

"I think it's amusing because Donald Trump is kind of in the spirit of old Greek tyrants where they used to vote in a guy that had no encumbrances", he told Fox411 in January previous year.

"In this town?" Mr. Allen responded.

The proud Republican, who attended the inauguration of President Donald Trump, said actors are too scared to speak their minds in La La Land. "But if you had any kind of inkling that you were for Trump, you got bullied". "I don't want to defend the guy", he said.

"Before he gets rid of "Sesame Street, ' I think we should make the president watch it a couple of times", Kimmel said".

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