Published: Tue, March 21, 2017
USA | By Angel Wallace

Ukiah Meals on Wheels program not affected by federal budget

Ukiah Meals on Wheels program not affected by federal budget

This would eliminate funding for Meals on Wheels.

Good's stance is that "we shouldn't be so upset about whatever Trump may do".

She says, "I think the explanation of what is happening is rather long, and I don't want to create fear where there is no fear".

As we wrote about on Thursday, the national organization, named after its focus on bringing meals to the elderly and other homebound individuals, would see its own budget - which comes from a mix of government funding and private donations - significantly cut under the proposed new plan. The cuts would include $3 billion to be taken away from community development block grants that help fund programs like Meals on Wheels.

There's concern that President Trump's budget proposal would slash funding to Meals on Wheels, a program that delivers food to older people. It was not clear how much of the block-grant funding goes to Meals on Wheels, since decisions are made by states and local governments.

Meals on Wheels of Trenton, N.J., asked for $50,000 in community grant money past year, and got nothing.

"What if it was your grandmother, or grandfather, or your aunt or your uncle, that they just needed one meal a day to help them through.that's why you should donate", says Libarkin. In 2015, the program gave US states, territories, and tribal groups a total of $224,673,820 for home meals.

Meals on Wheels says so.

Hundreds of elderly in the community have meals thanks to volunteers with the East Cooper Meals on Wheels Program. We need your support to keep our talented reporters, editors and photographers holding government accountable, looking out for the public interest, and separating fact from fiction.

A recent study found that delivering more meals to seniors' homes results in fewer people going to nursing homes because those capable of living on their own with little assistance can remain at home. A spokesman for the Office of Management and Budget declined to clarify Mulvaney's remarks in response to queries from HuffPost on Friday and Monday.

New York Rep. Chris Collins, one of President Donald Trump's staunchest supporters, disagreed with cuts outlined in the proposed budget.

Mulvaney, obviously, wasn't saying that Meals on Wheels doesn't work.

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