Published: Sun, April 02, 2017
Technology | By Timothy Carter

You can now play Ms. Pac-Man on the streets of Sacramento

You can now play Ms. Pac-Man on the streets of Sacramento

Google previously turned its app into the traditional "Pac-Man" game in 2015, The Verge reported. Just click the little Ms. Pac-Man button and start playing; the app even keeps score as you move along local roads and try to avoid death.

While Android users are being transported to a random area of the world, some iPhone users claim to have the ability to choose a specific location, says a report in UK's The Independent.

Android owners will be taken to a random location (Ghana is pictured above) where they can play the familiar game using a route based on the city streets.

Arrow keys are used to guide Ms. Pac-Man through the maze of streets, which contain those magic pills that allow her to eat those villains.

April Fools Day can be a divisive time. In 2012, Google made it look like Google Maps was done in an 8-bit style.

If you open the Google Maps app on a smartphone or tablet today, you'll see a pinkish-orange button featuring Ms. Pac-Man herself. Gamers may recall Google Maps' Pokémon Challenge three years ago, and they're continuing from another novelty for this year's April Fools' Day. This is a good spot to get warmed up before the real test of your abilities come into play. What are some of the other video games or gaming franchises that you would like to see Google work on as an Easter egg in the future?

More famously, Google put a playable Doodle celebrating Pac-Man's 30th anniversary back in 2010. It took around an hour or two for my phone to include the game after I first learned about it.

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