Published: Fri, April 07, 2017
Technology | By Timothy Carter

Sprint launches unlimited plan prices in effort to keep up with competitors

Sprint launches unlimited plan prices in effort to keep up with competitors

For example, AT&T now offers its customers a $25 discount on DirecTV if they subscribe to its Unlimited Plus plan. The carrier will offer users free HBO access either through the HBO Go app, or by adding HBO to your existing cable plan.

Unlimited Data, Talk and Text for $50 a month for the first line.

Sprint has announced its intention to get rid of its metered plans and go all-in on unlimited as it tries to find a balance between the intensely competitive USA wireless market and its own need to keep revenues high.

"More than 90% of our customers are already choosing Unlimited", said Roger Solé, Sprint's chief marketing officer, in a release from the company. AT&T's Unlimited Plus plan costs $90 a month for one line or $145 a month for two.

AT&T unlimited Plus plan includes 10 GB worth of of mobile hotspot tethering, with high-definition video streaming packed in as well.

The price of 4 line unlimited plan is $180 from Verizon, $185 from AT&T and $160 from T-Mobile against Sprint's $120 per month.

AT&T has just come up with a compelling reason to opt for its Unlimited Plus wireless plan - free access to the award-winning HBO channel.

"Sprint launched "50% off" in 2015 as a bold offer to attract customers, and it was extremely successful". "During the past few months, we've seen other national wireless carriers offer unlimited plans, but their offers don't match the value we provide". Sprint's previous strategy was to use the 50% discount offer to get more customers and then upsell those customers to a plan which was the same as the one offered by Verizon or AT&T, but with more data.

That doesn't work when customers are switching from an unlimited plan, as there's nothing left to upsell to.

Sprint (NYSE: S) is a communications services company that creates more and better ways to connect its customers to the things they care about most. The moves ignited a carrier price war with T-Mobile and Sprint. Pricing shown with $5/month AutoPay discount applied within two invoices.

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