Published: Tue, April 11, 2017
Technology | By Timothy Carter

OnePlus 5 could be badass, here's why

OnePlus 5 could be badass, here's why

At the rate that handset OEMs have been upgrading their phones, it didn't really come as a surprise when OnePlus made a decision to equip the OnePlus 3 back in 2016 with 6GB of RAM.

If rumors coming from China are to be believed, the upcoming OnePlus 5 will keep the company's tradition of shipping with high-end specs and a premium design while keeping the price as low as possible. If this stands true, OnePlus 5 will give direct competition to the recently launched Samsung Galaxy S8 which also comes with the Qualcomm Snapdragon 835 processor. OnePlus doesn't make so many smartphones so they focus on a single piece of phone to make it better.

The handset should also feature a 5.5-inch display with 2K resolution, 3,000 mAh battery, and a 23-megapixel dual lens rear camera with optical image stabilization and optical zoom.

OnePlus 3T was warmly received after its release in December previous year, for its top-of-the-line hardware specifications and impressive performance.

Being a year of thin bezels - or bezel-less designs for that matter - OnePlus 5 is rumored to be working on reducing the size of bezels even more when compared to the 3T. The smartphone is said to feature a ceramic body like the Xiaomi Mi Mix which is in-line with earlier reports that the company is planning to replace the aluminium body of the phone with a ceramic one.

OnePlus has always been known for their top-tier features and fairly low-priced, flagship-nature smartphones. It would be equipped with Dash Charge for the fast charging. It will come with a Type-C USB port and with wireless charging.

It would run on Android 7.0 Nougat OS. Please note that the above-mentioned OnePlus 5 specs and features are just rumors leaked through various sources. Still, we would suggest taking this story with the proverbial grain of salt. Stay tuned to The Mobile Indian network for more updates on this.

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