Published: Thu, April 13, 2017
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Arrow: Manu Bennett Will Return as Deathstroke Despite the Actor's Public Denial

Arrow: Manu Bennett Will Return as Deathstroke Despite the Actor's Public Denial

The CW's DC universe is set to bring back someone very significant for the Arrow season 5 finale. The one-time enemy turned semi-reluctant Team Arrow ally will be back to duel with her half-sister Talia al Ghul, introduced this season as a villainous presence assisting Prometheus. Considering that Marc Guggenheim has confirmed that Bennett is indeed returning for the season five finale of Arrow, it seems that the actor may be indicating that Deathstroke will not be returning to go after the Green Arrow.

Arrow Season 5, Episode 19 "Dangerous Liaisons", premieres on The CW on Wednesday, April 26. Honestly, I can't see them using anybody else for the role of Deathstroke in Arrow, but I suppose if Manu Bennett couldn't return, they have to do what they have to do. Consequences that lead to his return remain unknown, although it could involve Oliver Queen's quest in defeating Prometheus. Regardless, Amell also hinted at Oliver and Deathstroke's alliance on his tweet, according to Collider. After he transformed into Deathstroke, he returned to Starling City with a mission of vengeance against Oliver after he saved Sarah Lance's life over Shado's.

Of course, Stephen Amell's own comments echo this sentiment - "Desperate times call for desperate measures"... and it looks as though Oliver may be forced to turn to an old nemesis to take down his foes. He just might decide to free Slade Wilson from the ARGUS prison on the island. "BTW, the return of @manubennett is only the first of a few exciting announcements about Arrow's sixth season finale." the co-showrunner wrote on Twitter. It's going to be really emotional. The writer even said that the show will end with a giant explosion and that its emotional punch will be bigger than the tangible bomb itself.

In "Lian Yu", it is likely the flashbacks will end with Oliver returning to the island to eventually be found and returned to his home.

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